Strong or Weak?

Our life is full of categorizing and judgments: This food tastes good, that person is rude, I am not good enough for this, her shirt looks fancy, this room is too dark for me and so on. Actually, if we wrote a manuscript of your thoughts in a day, we would notice that almost 90 % of them are about what we think of ourselves and others.

Even though we need decisions and assumptions to navigate ourselves through life, we barely notice that many of those might not be based on the truth but what we see after they pass through our filters. Consequently, we might end up being too harsh and ignorant about others and most importantly ourselves. This also means we might be missing out an important opportunity of growth because we discarded it with a simple prejudice or habit of thought.

On the other hand, if we turned off those filters for a second and consciously looked at the choices we have in front of us, we might even notice something we considered impossible, rejected or uncomfortable might turn out to be not a bad thing at all!

You can experiment with this using a simple exercise. For a day, try using only your weaker hand for the tasks you would normally do with your stronger hand. This means you would use your left hand if you are right-handed and right hand if you are left-handed. For example, if you brush your teeth with your right hand, try doing it with the left! You can apply it to many things such as drinking a cup of tea, shaking hands, opening doors and windows, lifting weights, etc. While you do so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is different now?
  • What am I learning about my other hand that I haven’t noticed before?
  • How would it be if I used only this hand for all my life?
  • What is the role of my weaker hand in comparison to my stronger hand?
  • What can this hand do well that the other hand cannot?
  • What would it take to make this hand exactly the same as the other hand?
  • What is happening when I use both of my hands instead of only the stronger one or the weaker one?

Feel free to post your observations and insights as a comment or send me a private message. Let others know how strong your weaker hand can be!

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