My name is Erol. I grew up in Turkey, lived in Switzerland and the US before moving to Berlin in 2013.

Since childhood, I have always been occupied with answering philosophical questions such as “What is the meaning of life?”, “How does the universe exist?”, “What is the connection between human beings and nature?”. I have this memory from my teenage years when I was sitting at the front seat of my father’s car and talking to him about a crush I had in high school. Then I remember telling him at some point, “I think we are all connected by energy.” This memory is still very vivid for me because this thinking has shaped my life and helped me live with joy, health and gratitude until now.

Who knew that this naive assumption made by pure intuition would later lead me into the vast wisdom of Eastern Philosophy? After having read many books about Buddhism and Taoism, I landed in meditation and yoga to experience this wisdom hands on, without getting lost in words and language. Then I luckily set my foot into a Tai Chi school. With encouragement from my grandmaster Hong Thay Lee, I also started Kung Fu, which in return opened the doors of a much larger path to aid me in my journey. After years of daily Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice, I landed on a bigger piece of the puzzle: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Hungry for more, I completed a TCM Therapist training at Shen Men Institute, that enabled me to practice nutrition therapy, Qi Gong and Tuina massage professionally, in addition to a CoActive Coaching training at Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Besides all these, I dance Bachata (addicted), do long form improvisation comedy, yoga and work part-time in a tech startup as a machine learning engineer. I also used to sing in a polyphonic choir for 12 years, play violin, dance old school hiphop and take photos with a professional camera. I still read books every day and practice what I preach because it is a never ending journey.  I speak English, German, Turkish and a little bit of Japanese. I currently learn Spanish. I am exploring Jazzdance and Acrobatic. I am a physically active person.

In between all these occupancies, an amazing discovery I had was this: Even though all these things I have been practicing had such depth and magnitude in my life, they were never an end to my journey but only powerful tools of navigation. The more answers I got, the more questions started popping up. Keeping my cup empty all the time so that I can refill it helped me tremendously.

All these valuable theoretical and practical wisdom transformed many areas of my life. I was more stable, mindful, healthy and balanced on all levels. I also felt like I have learnt enough so that I can now start sharing it with others so that they can also live in harmony with themselves and what is around them. It occurred to me that all that wisdom has its worth only when it is shared with others, because I believe we are all in this together. Keeping all of this to myself does not make sense.

Every individual has their own way of revealing the truth. My aim is not to impose my way on you but help you stay in flow so that you can find your own way with as few obstacles and hindrances as possible. I am looking forward to discovering a new world with you.

Wenn Sie mich auf Deutsch kennenlernen mögen, hier geht es weiter.

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