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Eventbrite - Bachata Energy Work

Workshop Sprache ist Englisch & Deutsch. /// Workshop language will be English & German.
First of its kind in Berlin. An intimate Bachata experience. Take your Bachata dancing and partnerwork to a new level and rediscover the fundamentals!
Do you always hear in your dance class “Do not break the flow, follow the energy.” and always wonder what this “energy” is all about? Do you find it difficult to just feel the dance and let go of how and what to dance?
At the end of this 3 hours workshop, you will
– get in touch with your body’s wisdom through dance and energy work
– become more aware of your own energy and that of your dance partner
– discover different and authentic ways to connect with your dance partner
– be able to read the energy of the music and improve your musicality
– achieve more flow and fluidity in your dance
– fine tune your leading and following skills according to your partner
– dance more grounded, natural and balanced
– have respect for your own and your partner’s body and limits
– live the dance rather than be an outsider to it
I will use exercises and techniques from tantra, contact improvisation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to give you a totally new perspective of this beautiful dance called Bachata.

Agenda (Subject to Changes):

Part IEnergy of Self: discover most important energy points in your body, become conscious of your breathing and energy flow, have more presence and grounding, find your own balance before reaching out to your partner
Part II: Energy of Partner: discover the harmony of feminine and masculine energies in partner dancing, learn to listen to your partner on a deeper level, lead strongly without force, follow gently with power and clarity, energy transfer with your partner and within the dance, breathing together with your partner
Part IIIApplications: flow in dance, look at Bachata basic positions with a new light, counterbalance, different energy levels during a dance
Part IVMusicality: hear the energy of music, yin and yang of music, five elements of a Bachata dance
Please note that this is not a typical Bachata workshop that will teach you new Bachata figures but it will definitely affect how you dance and apply your own figures on the dance floor. However, there will still be plenty of Bachata music, leading, following, dancing and most importantly fun.
The workshop is open to all levels. Knowledge of Bachata basic step and turns is required.
BEGINNERS: Build strong roots before you grow into a tree.
INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED DANCERS: Fine tune your skills and make your dancing more intimate and authentic.
PROFESSIONALS/TEACHERS: Learn new approaches and tools to integrate into your teaching and performances.
I will do my best to ensure equal number of leaders and followers. If you do not have a partner, please indicate during purchase whether you are a leader or follower. We will rotate partners frequently during the workshop.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.
Eventbrite - Bachata Energy Work
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Event background photo by Andreea Dican:
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