Dietary Therapy (TCM)

We start the therapy with a 90 minutes anamnesis, focusing on your medical, emotional and behavioural history. This is achieved by a questionnaire that you fill in your own time before the session and discussed during the session. This first session helps me and you to learn more about yourself and your constitutional build. This is the foundation of your diet because we would like to come up with guidelines that is specifically tailored for you only.

Based on the results, I prepare a detailed nutrition plan for you, including a list of food and drinks with amounts of consumption, that are suitable for your constitution and current situation at hand. Besides this list, I also prepare some recipes for you that are easy to prepare and enjoyable to eat. This plan also contains tips about how to prepare, the temperature of each ingredient and quality because the way we prepare and consume the food will change the effects it will have on our body. For example, dried ginger might cause excess heat in your body, increasing your fever whereas fresh ginger might help you recover from the first stages of a sickness real quick.

A 30 minutes follow-up session is required to answer any open questions you might have about the plan and additional tips. Additional 30 minute sessions are possible to discuss your progress and do necessary changes in the plan.


  • 90 min Anamnesis + 30 min. mandatory follow-up session (including a list of cooking recipes and dietary recommendations): 150 €
  • Additional 30 min. sessions: 30 €

Please contact me using the form below for more details.

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