Qi Coaching™

Qi Coaching™ is a holistic coaching method combining techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Co-active Coaching™, martial arts and improvisation theatre.

Qi (氣/chi/ki) is believed to be the life force or energy flow that forms a vital part of every living entity. Just like a flowing river floods when it gets stuck or blocked; many diseases, pain and disharmony is a result of flow of Qi being out of balance.

The aim of Qi Coaching™, therefore, is to guide you back to harmony so that the blockages in your life are cleared and the flow of life energy is brought back to its natural state. Unlike many coaching methods that focus only on certain aspects of your life or try to fix a given problem, we discover connections on all levels of your life: physical, emotional and psychological. It gives you all the power to take care and nurture your well-being, removing any obstacles that prevent you from doing so.

Qi Coaching™ allows you to find your true self, instead of attempting to change you to someone else that is not authentic. I encourage authenticity, naturalness, willpower, intention and self-nurturing. We work together until all tools become irrelevant and you do not need me to guide you anymore.

Download the information booklet to get more information.

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