Services below are suitable for one person only.

Qi Coaching™: Qi (Chi) is the term used for life energy in Chinese. This is the most comprehensive package that will make sure you are cared for at every aspect of your life. We use all the tools in the toolkit to make your heart smile and let the energy flow. Read more here.

Qi Gong: Qi Gong is a 4000 years old Chinese practice of physical exercise, breathing and meditation. We use this valuable tool to harmonise your body, emotions and mind. I also offer group classes outside and inside. More information here.

Dietary Therapy (TCM): What you put in your body transforms into you. Are you wondering why you are feeling sad and depressed all of a sudden? Remember that heavy meal you had a few hours ago? It is not only about carbohydrates, calories or diets. It is also about how you prepare and eat your food, your personal constitution and the characteristics of every single ingredient in your meals. Read before you eat.


Are you a member/manager/director of a team of at least 3 people? Do you believe that people working in your company are not only machines with specific labels but emotional human beings that have their ups and downs? Do you want to be a resource to your people like never before? Then take a look here to bring out the best in your team, at the same time making sure that every individual is supported and cared for.

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