you do not have to get rid of the dark

to find the light

“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.”


Have you been dealing with a personal issue in your life for a long time? Are you suffering from heavy emotions such as anger, sadness or guilt? Do you have an imperfection or pain in your body that has been distracting you from time to time? Are you often bothered by a weakness in your personality that constantly brings you down? Do you feel you are out of balance lately and your life is not in flow anymore?

You might think that all these questions have separate answers but I believe they are all connected. You are a complete human being with your physical body, emotions and mind. You already possess the tremendous power to heal and bring all aspects of yourself and your life back to harmony and I have the experience to show you how to enable this power by yourself.

I use tools from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), life coaching, meditation, martial arts, improvisation theatre, dancing and from my own life to take care of you as a whole. Instead of giving you magic pills to fix certain areas of your life, we work on bringing every single part of you into harmony. Instead of covering the symptoms until the problems appear again, we work on the deepest causes of disharmony.

In the end, we discover together how to bring the extremes together so that you do not have to fight the dark to keep it light. I enable you to do this yourself, until you will not need me any longer.

To find out how, click here.

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